• Ratatouille cooking on the stove.

    Blame it on Julia or Julie or animated rats who cook french cuisine. 

    Two weekends ago a friend and I watched the movie Julie and Julia. The movie is based on the memoires of Julie Powell; a woman who at a frustrating time in her life cooked her way through Julia Child’s cookbook(s) Mastering The Art of French Cooking. 524 recipes in 365 days.  Every day she cooked, every day she blogged.  Let me burst your bubble now by letting you know that I am NOT attempting to do the same thing.  But the food in the movie looked so incredibly delicious that after the appearance of the third or fourth dish and after the third of fourth time we glanced at each other with mouths open wide and only seconds from salivation we had an epiphany.  We Ephiphed…if you will.  🙂  “Hey!  I don’t know about every day, but you know what…we should cook something out of that cookbook once a month! Yeah, yeah…we  could get together on the weekends…and it can be like a girl’s get together type of thingy.” Bonne idée! (Good idea!).  We don’t have the book(s) yet; but as fate would have it, after making known my dislike of zucchini and squash(yuck) in the produce section of Wally World, I was romanced by the idea of cooking the dish that inspired an animated feature length film (No, not Bambi.  Ratatouille).  Plus…she contended…the kids had been wanting to make this dish so we could kill a couple of birds with one stone.  Along with the Ratatouille we attempted a Bruschetta (not picture); althought not Julia’s recipe, I would consider it a success as the whole plate of  about 12 pieces was inhaled in under 5 minutes by three people. Though we both agreed, somewhat disappointed, that it didn’t look “anything like it did in the cartoon”, it turned out very good.  Apparently though I hate zucchini and squash and am not a big fan of eggplant outside of it’s lovely color, if you chop ’em up, mix ’em together with diced tomatoes, serve it over rice and give it a french name….I actually like Ratatouille.

    *I’ll post the recipe later if you’d like to try it yourself*

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