So there I was……

Wheeling my grocery cart out of the produce section of Food Lion where I’d just bagged some fresh ginger (for fresh ginger and mint tea -Hairaqcuban style)  and traipsing leisurely past the packs of  pork and poultry (that’s called Alliteration children)  I stopped to peer into the free-standing refrigerated section in the middle of the aisle to look for  the frozen shrimp which FL has on sale like literally every other week. This week the Jumbo Raw shrimp was on a BOGO.  Mehhh.  I want the medium, guess I”ll have to wait until next week to get that on BOGO.  I toss around a couple of the bags just because, when this catches my eye.

Seriously? This just isn't right.

Lobster in a Box.

I’m not sure how I feel about this.  Yes I do…its just not right! Sure it’s convenient and offers those who just don’t have the time to run up to Maine between work and home the ability to serve their loved ones a certified Maine Lobster from Nantucket. But look at the experiences you trade in!  You forfeit the joy of getting gussied up and going out to a not- so-inexpensive dinner at a fancy nautically themed seafood joint and indulging in the hot, sweet, buttery goodness of Lobster which you don’t often have; let alone served to you with lemon wedges.  OR you stay in the comfort of your own kitchen and earn your Lobster Homicide Girl Scout badge by joining the ranks of those who are brave enough to look the rosey crustaceans in their nasty beady eyes and tell them everything is going to be okay as you send them to their watery crockpot grave. Lies! Both of these, however, are acceptable methods for having Lobster for dinner…NOT tearing open a cardboard box and dropping it into the same pot, the very same pot! , you make the kids mac and cheese in. How could you?! Heaven forbid if it should have directions for preparing it in the microwave!  It’s an abomination I tell you.  You can put shrimp in bags, fish in bags, scallops in bags and even King crab legs in bags but the line has to be drawn somewhere! And here is that line. Surely knowing their destiny we owe all of Lobster-kind the dignity of being served as a special meal.  What self respecting Lobster wants to find himself shipped in a cardboard casket to a suburban food chain?  That’s not going to make his  family proud. Boxing Lobster’s takes away  it’s specialness. Soon folks will be recklessly using Lobster all willy nilly like  putting Lobster meat in their hamburger helper (for special guests) and having Lobster sausages with their cheesy scrambied eggs and jelly toast in the morning (yes I meant to say scrambied). Kids need a snack? Shove a couple of Lobsters in the microwave and serve it with red flavored kool-aid…it’s perfect for after school!

This madness must be stopped.