Save the Amazon. Save the Tatas. Save the Mississippi Gopher Frog.  There are plenty of causes out there that you can throw your support to but consider this one….Save The Words.  Did you know words are an endangered species?  Every year words go extinct because of their lack of use.  Oxford University Press, publishers of the Oxford English Dictionary created a website where the public is invited to “adopt” a word and save it from extinction by using it at least once a day. Take a look at the words and you’ll quickly find yourself saying to yourself…”really?  How am I going to use “Quaeritate”  every day in a sentence?” It’s easy to see why some of these may be facing extinction. Some lend themselves more poetically than to everyday communication purposes. Some just don’t seem to fit anymore at all. But while you may not necessarily find a place in your everyday life for weequashing (n. spearing of fish or eels by torchlight from canoes) surely at least once a week you can admonish an overly chatty coworker to quit their blateration (n. Blabber, chatter) so you can get some work done for crying out loud! By doing so you will have done your bit in keeping this word from going the way of the buffalo.  Ahh, feel’s socially responsible doesn’t it?!

Here are the words I’ve adopted into my vocabulary family (coming soon to a conversation with you):

Pigritude. n. laziness

Kexy adj. brittle, withered

Snollygoster n. a shrew, unprincipled person; especially a politician.

Sceptriferous adj. bearing a scepter; having authority.

Flosculation n. an embellishment or ornament in speech.

Cloakatively adv. Superficially.