The Grand Opening of The Waterside District in Norfolk is today!

The Local at Waterside 2017

Labeling itself as a family-friendly, premier dining & entertainment district on the downtown Norfolk waterfront and a gathering place for locals and visitors alike, this is a place that plenty of folks have been waiting to open.

Two weeks ago, a workplace conversation regarding the upcoming opening had me clicking through the official website for information.  And because I have a reputation at work for randomly announcing things that have absolutely nothing to do with work or any current conversation taking place, I obligingly stood and exclaimed to the coworkers “The Fudgery is coming back!” I am a Hampton Roads native. I remember visiting the original Waterside in the 1980s. My most specific memory is of The Fudgery.  Who didn’t love The Fudgery?!  There were always crowds of people gathered around while the Fudge Maesters (I absolutely just made that up. Game of Thrones withdrawal you know.) stirred, poured, leveled out, cut and passed out to their audience samples of too sweet fudge while they sang songs with clever fudge related lyrics. It was the best! This past weekend the lovely folks at Waterside invited a group Hampton Roads bloggers to tour the space during their soft opening. Meeting in The Harbour Club upstairs, the balcony just a few feet away treated us to a beautiful view of the water and blue skies while we munched on small plates.  The Market downstairs is the main area featuring 10 different eateries and was buzzing with people.  It was crowded that day but not annoyingly so and I can imagine this spot is going to be quite lively. And yes Virginia…I saw the Fudgery. No one was singing when I went to investigate it but a fellow blogger confirmed  before I was able to be disappointed that they were indeed singing when she came in.  I didn’t leave with any treats, I was still in exploration mode so I’ll save that for another day.

Fudgery at Waterside 2017

As excited as I was about the fudgery, my favorite spot in the whole structure may end up being The Blue Moon Taphouse. Not because it is the largest space in Waterside or because of the 12 brews made specifically for the Norfolk location (see…I was paying attention and taking notes!) but for all of the outdoor seating options, live entertainment and views of the water. As a Hampton Roads native…if it’s near and overlooks a body of water, I’m happy!

Have you been to the new Waterside District yet?  Let me know your favorite spots! Maybe we can meet for a slice of fudge.