Yakkety Smakkety

Little bit of this…little bit of that


I hate About me pages. So I’m supposed to come up with a clever well written summary about my life and stuff it here in this small space? I choose not to! (Mostly because I tend to be long winded). How about instead I share some randomness with you.  I hate undercooked and slimy scrambled eggs ( though if they are cheesy scrambled eggs I can be tricked into believing any slimy-like sections are merely melted cheddar) I’ve been known to dance down the chip aisle in the supermarket when Carwash is playing overhead (cans of Pringles work well as Maracas just so you know). I may have somewhat of a jewelry addiction and I think Okra is the devil’s greenbean  (in the name of Jesus eat broccoli!)

At some point in my life I thought that since I like words and to read so much, that perhaps I could write a decent essay as well. And this blog was born! It isn’t about anything in particular, just situations and experiences I come across that are funny or interesting.  Originally it was just for my eyes only and a few friends but I was encouraged to open it up to the public. Please comment on things you read, I’d love to hear from you!

~Shannon B.


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